Search Engine Marketing

A provider of search marketing solutions to ensure increase traffic and visibility from search engines. We focus on both paid (SEM) and unpaid (SEO) efforts in obtaining more traffic in a web presence.

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Web Analytics

An effective marketing campaign must be measured for success. We supply web analytics to collect, measure, and analyze web traffic. The gathered data helps optimize web content and search engine campaigns. The goal is to improve market reach and gain target audiences.

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Other Online Marketing

Our affiliated partners are effective in providing creative display advertising and web design services, including email and social media marketing solutions. We strive to improve the effectiveness of a web presence.

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  • "Surefire continues to provide my company with great business support. They are my go to company when in need of IT support to resolve hardware and software issues."

    - Lowell Howard, ESC Corporation

  • "Took my laptop in with what I thought was a virus, but it turned out to be a failed hard drive. Aneil recovered my data and got me back to work with a new drive at a great price and zero hassle. They are a little hard to find but well worth the effort."

    - Rusty B., Yelp Review

  • "Laptop battery wasn't working and had tried ordering a replacement. When that didn't work as well visited these guys and they identified the problem and had a fix for us on the spot."

    - David G., Yelp Review

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