Computer Repair Services

A full-service repair and upgrade company for all major computer makes and models. Bring your damaged computer in today for a repair diagnosis and estimate. Computers repaired by Surefire are often completed the same day.


Laptop Repairs

Surefire repairs major laptop makes and models. We offer a complementary diagnosis and estimate for repair on all computer repair issues.


Desktop Repairs

Surefire repairs major desktop makes and models. We offer a complementary diagnosis and estimate for repair on all computer repair issues.

Screen Repair

A damaged LCD screen has lines, blotches, bleeding, cracks, moisture and color distortion. We can replace the screen with a quick turnaround at an affordable price.

Power Jack Repair

A forceful jolt or pull in the wrong direction is a common cause of a damaged DC power jack. We can replace the damaged power connector with a reliable and quick turnaround.

Hinge Repair

A broken hinge of a laptop can add functional difficulties, which can lead to further damage to internal cabling. We are experienced in troubleshooting and fixing all laptop hinge issues.

Keyboard Replacement

If you are encountering sticky or unresponsive keys, we can clean and repair keyboards to remove debris such as liquid spills, dust, food or other materials. This is a straight forward repair that can be completed the same day.

Memory Upgrade

The addition of RAM can enhance the performance of a computer resulting in faster performance with applications, computer processing and multimedia experiences. We offer competitive pricing for memory installation.

Hard Drive Repair

The failure of a hard drive may have varying signs. The most common symptoms are computer slowing, frequent freezing and the blue screen of death. We can effectively diagnose a hard drive failure and replace it.

Data Recovery

The reliability of storage devices continues to progress. Yet, despite technology advances, it is still a common phenomenon of losing data. The typical causes are hardware or software failures or a compromised computer. We can successfully retrieve lost data and remedy the problem.

Virus Removal

If a computer is infected by a virus, malware or spyware it can be crippling. Our technicians use the latest techniques and methods to provide an in-depth system cleaning, eliminating the virus and suggesting tools to help against future virus threats.

Windows Repair

Sometimes Microsoft Windows operating system just refuses to work. If boot failures or the blue screen of death are occurring that limit accessing Windows, we can provide help by pinpointing and resolving operating system issues.


  • "Fantastic service! Aneil worked with me through 2 hard drive failures and helped me to RMA them. Super nice dude and he carried the heavy ass machine to my car! Great service, prompt diagnosis, very trustworthy. Thanks Aneil, you have my business and anyone else I hear that needs computer work."

    - Patrick G., Yelp Review

  • "They fixed my laptop in one day, saved me a few hundred dollars because I was gonna buy a new one. It's been two days after the repair, no problems. They were attentive to my needs and promptly called me back when the repair was done. Highly recommended!"

    - Sang H., Yelp Review

  • "I had my desktop PC repaired there. They replace the power supply, and after talking to them about wanting two displays, they replaced the video card as well. Professional & courteous."

    - Fern S., Yelp Review

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