Technical Support

If issues arise relating to a hardware or software problem, our staff is ready to help. We resolve technical problems to ensure business productivity does not falter.

The first line of help is through communication by way of phone and remote access. Depending on the severity of an issue, we can schedule an immediate onsite assessment.

Our technical experience allows us to troubleshoot and tackle issues from printer setup to resolving computer and network problems.

Contact us today about how Surefire technical support services can fulfill your business needs.

Managed Services

Your business relies on technologies to run efficient and effective operations. We supply IT services to keep your business running at high capacity.

Surefire provides setup, monitoring, managing and problem resolutions to guarentee 24-hour uptime. We rectify technical problems before disruption has any negative effect on your business.

Our preventative measures include automated backups, patches and security to keep your business safe. We go to great lengths to make sure you reap the benefits of our preventive care.

Reach out to us today about how Surefire managed services will secure your business.

IT Consulting

Do you need guidance to include or upgrage information technologies for your business? We can help you make informed decisions so that your business flourishes.

Surefire includes an estimate to put in place, deploy, and manage technologies we recommend. Our offered technical support and managed services often cover your business needs in IT.

It is our motto to encourage businesses to adopt good technologies and practices assisting in business growth and cost savings.

We are eager to assist you in determining what your IT needs are for your business. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.


  • "My company is 25 years old this year, what a great milestone for a small business! What has drastically changed in the last 25 years is the technology used to stay competitive, efficient and productive. As a small business that has nothing to do with our new high tech world finding the right support was nothing but a constant battle and management headache. We have spent thousands of dollars with this guy or that company trying to manage our ever changing environment and it has not been easy. What changed the game for us the day we walked into a business in Bellevue to get my sons computer fixed, we quickly realized we met a young man who knew a lot about managing a small business and the needs of a small business in a competitive vertical market. We worked with Aneil on what a support model would look like for us in a perfect world and to our surprise it was exactly what he thought was the normal mode of operation. Aneil not only helped update our outdated systems and software he made the transition easy for myself and our staff. Aneil worked with our manufacturer on a new website application and has tripled our activity. Aneil is responsive, up to date on technology and is not cost prohibitive. He runs a small business and understands the needs of a small business, if I had a star rating to add to this recommendation I would give him a 5 of 5."

    - Dan Danhof, DSS

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